March Disclosure

Request to Supporters and Marchers

As a supporter and participant of the Gladys Ricart and Victims of Domestic Violence Memorial Walk/Brides’ March, please:

  1. Read and become familiar with our Mission and Goals, and the information below, so that you are prepared to promote the March.
  2. Encourage your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors to form a group and march with you and/or to help you spread the word by sharing the info/flyer with their circle of family, friends and colleagues.
  3. Copy the Route onto the back of the March official Flyer, make two-sided copies, and promote the March by disseminating the flyer to your constituency, colleagues and community using as many forms of dissemination (social media, email, websites, handout) as possible. (Feel free to translate the Invite to other languages)
  4. Take a stance against domestic violence and on September 26th, and march in a wedding gown.
  5. Encourage men who denounce domestic violence to support and march wearing all black, symbolizing mourning.
  6. Put out a call to your family, friends and coworkers that the donation of wedding dresses are needed. (To arrange drop-off of dresses, please call or email the March Coordinator)
  7. Organize a Sign Making Party to make signs for the march. (All signs should be standard--black marker on white cardboard and stenciled letters. In keeping with the Mission and Goals of the March, we request that ALL messages be empowering and not offensive. For slogans suggestions, contact the March Coordinator)
  8. Inform the March Coordinator ASAP but no later than noontime, September 22, of how many women from your group you anticipate will march in wedding dresses. (We need this info for the press release that will go out on 9/23)
  9. Inform the March Coordinator, ASAP, of the anticipated number of participants that will be marching with you, and if your group will march from the March's "gathering" place or from one of the other feeder points along the March route (see the Route page for March Feeder Points) This information will assist with preparing for enough water, meals and info for the press releases.


  • Walking—We will ONLY walk on the sidewalk and NOT on the street. Marchers MUST obey crosswalk signs, directions given by the NYPD, as well as practice safety at all times and be mindful and courteous to pedestrians.
  • Footwear—Wearing comfortable and closed footwear is important and encouraged.
  • Media and Press Coverage—Marchers must be aware that the March will be covered by the media and that the possibility of being photographed does exist. For confidentiality/safety reasons, survivors who have decided to participate in the March but do not want their face photographed/exposed, we suggest they wear a white or black veil. Please be advised that wearing the veil will not guarantee your face or identity will be fully protected.
  • Lunch—We encourage everyone to bring their own lunch or be prepared to purchase their lunch at a nearby restaurant.
  • Water—We encourage marchers to bring their own since our supply is limited and hydration is very important.
  • Weather—The March will NOT be canceled due to rain. If the weather calls for rain, we encourage marchers to wear appropriate rain gear and bring a dry change of clothing for the end of the march. For safety reasons, open umbrellas during the march are discouraged.
  • Conduct—While walking through the streets, marchers are expected to conduct themselves in a civilized and courteous manner, and to respect the merchandise of vendors.
  • Spectator’s Reactions—Marchers must be aware that there could be spectators who will react unsupportive and/or disruptive to the March. Any such behavior should be ignored. If a March participant feels threatened or an act of violence is committed by a spectator, the NYPD must be immediately informed.

If you have questions email them to: